Friday, 28 November 2014

“A true friend is someone who thinks you’re a good egg….even though they know you’re slightly cracked..!”

Hiiiya J

So this weekend I took a break from my busy uni schedule and went to Portsmouth to stay with my oldest and best friend, Carla. We’ve been best friends since we were 3 and have been on many adventures together. Now we’re both in our 3rd year (Carla goes to Portsmouth Uni and studies Radiography), which coincidentally we both decided to go to uni at the same time at 21. Going to uni later than a lot of my friends was quite daunting as I thought I’d be one of the oldest but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought – especially as Carla went at the same time we really supported each other even though we’re at different universities.

Anyway, back to the weekend! I arrived in Portsmouth on Friday evening, sooo excited to see Carla. We hadn’t seen each other for 5 months due to me moving back to London for the summer to work over the clearing period. We decided to go for dinner and drinks at Giraffe in Gunwharf Quays – if you’ve never been to Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays is an outlet village by the marina with shops and restaurants. At the moment they have their Christmas lights and decorations so it’s even more picturesque. We had so much to catch up on, it was a great opportunity to let off some steam and relax as we’ve both been under a lot of pressure at uni (deadlines quickly approaching!!!). We were going to go out out after but after a tummy full of food and even more gossip we decided to stay in and drink (maybe we’re getting old after all haha!).

On Saturday we had a wander around the shops and I spent money I didn't have (as usual) and bought a fluffy blanket and a Harry Potter deathly hallows t-shirt for my girlfriend, Georgia. We had lunch in a pub on the high-street and decided to go for dessert in pretty much the best place I have ever experienced – Scoops. Scoops is an ice cream parlour with waffles, sundaes, crepes, milkshakes! I have quite a sweet tooth so I was in heaven, I had a Nutella and banana waffle with Nutella ice cream and Carla had an M&M peanut butter waffle but they were so huge we could have shared!

I had such a nice, relaxing weekend with Carla but next time she’s coming to visit me in Greenwich, so I can show her round all the amazing things London has to offer. Although I’m really glad I chose to come to the University of Greenwich, it’s really nice to experience somewhere new for a few days!
Lots of love until next time,

Melissa xo

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

“Athletes life weights, cheerleaders lift athletes!”

Hey guys!

Had a very busy week with lots to organise for our cheerleading competition coming up (3 weeks and 5 days…but who’s counting?!) I’m very excited but a little nervous.

I've never been a particularly sporty person but somehow (maybe a miracle!), uni has changed me in to a new person. As I mentioned before, I’m chairlady for the cheerleading squad which I absolutely love! My fitness and flexibility is better than it’s ever been and I love that our squad is accepting of all shapes and sizes!

A little bit about the sport…

A lot of people think that cheerleading is just waving pom poms but I assure you it’s much more than that! Competitive cheerleading includes stunts, dance, jumps and tumbles and is a lot of hard work. Stunts are my favourite part … A stunt group consists of 2 bases (that’s what I am) who do the lifting, a flyer (that’s the one in the air) and a backspot (at the back supporting the stunt with the bases). More difficult stunts can also have a front spot that is like a third base.

Walking out on the competition mat is very nerve wracking but knowing you have 25 of your best friends around you is also one of the best feelings. I also compete separately with my stunt group which can be a lot scarier because all eyes are on just 5 of you – but the adrenaline is amazing and we somehow pull it off! We also have a dance squad who compete in jazz, pom (yes – dance with pom poms!!) and hip hop, although I haven’t had the time this year to join dance as well.

At competition, we show off our skills for 2 and half minutes and are judged by a panel of judges against other squads and universities. We aren’t the best (unfortunately) but have progressed a whole lot since my first year which I’m very proud of J

That’s all for now but I’ll update you with our progress and competition results soon!

Lots of love,

Melissa xo

p.s - here is a picture of us messing around (as usual) at one of our previous competitions.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My First Blog

Hey, my name is Melissa and I’ve just started my third and final year studying BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology.

The first 2 years have been a whirlwind! It sounds cheesy but time really does fly when you’re having fun. Although settling in to third year is a scary prospect – lots and lots of work to do including a 10,000 dissertation along with multiple exams and countless assignments, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. My course is very interesting but not quite as CSI as many people assume when I tell them what I study (although we do talk a lot about serial killers, it isn’t quite as glamourous as on TV!)

I’ve really enjoyed getting involved with lots of different things at Greenwich including (one of my favourite aspects of university life) being part of the cheerleading squad. Last year I was social secretary which included organising lots of social events and fundraisers which was so much fun getting other people involved. This year I have been elected to be Chairlady which is a bit more responsibility as I have to ensure the smooth running of the squad. I really enjoy competing nationally with the squad, getting to travel all over the country, including my hometown of Bath – which I loved as my family and friends from home could come and watch to see what all the fuss was about! I would definitely recommend joining a sports club or society at uni as they really do become like a family, especially if you aren’t local to the area like me J. There are SO many different options and even if there’s nothing you fancy, you can set up your own society or sports club.

I also work for both the university and the students union alongside my studies which is also great for meeting new people and it’s great doing both as they are very different which means I don’t get bored of going to work! (Plus my spending habit is a little ridiculous….)

That’s all for now you know a little about me but I’m sure I’ll be back soon!