Thursday, 2 July 2015

July! Summer! Clearing!

Hi everyone,

So since my last blog, A LOT has happened!

I had a lovely holiday in Cyprus with Georgia, and actually managed to see all the sights and do everything we planned to do. I love going on holiday but hate coming back to reality, although the heat wave this week is making it a lot easier for me!

I have received all my grades back and I will be graduating (next week) with a 2:1!! I am a little disappointed as I was aiming for a 1st but after my eventful 3 years I am proud of myself. Somehow I managed to get a 1st on my dissertation (an 11,000 word research project), which I actually really enjoyed writing as the topic was something I’m pretty passionate about.

I’ve moved out of university halls (sob, sob), but I have moved in with 5 of my friends not too far from campus, which means I can continue with my job within the Enquiry Unit throughout the clearing period. I’m going to be living there until October, but I’ve decided to stay in London for the foreseeable future (which means I need to find myself a ‘real’ graduate job). I’m in the process of looking for jobs within sport and development, something my mum keeps reminding me has nothing to do with my degree! This brings me back to how important it’s been for me to be a part of our Students’ Union and to join a sports team…even if sports aren’t for you, Greenwich has a club or society for everyone (and if there isn’t one for you – set one up!! You can do this here, but I really do urge you to GET INVOLVED! You never know where it might lead and the opportunities that are created from them, let alone the amazing friends and memories from the people you meet.

I also competed in my last ever competition as a Greenwich Mermaid at the Copperbox Arena at the Olympic Park in Stratford, which is just on our doorstep. We’ve never entered a Legacy competition before (there are different cheerleading organisations in the UK who hold different competitions throughout the country) but it was absolutely fantastic! We came 3rd which I’m pretty pleased about for my last competition. We also received individual medals as well as a trophy, which I thought was a really nice touch; it’s always nice to have something to take away with you! I also got to fly in the routine, which I was super excited about as I’m usually a base (check out the picture below).

Lots of love,


Me in Cyprus
Sophi & me with our medals at Live Your Legacy
Georgia & me in Cyprus
Me flying at the Copperbox Arena

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

҉ Holidayyy ҉

So my exams are finally done! Instead of feeling relieved (like everyone’s telling me I should), I feel a bit lost. I’ve had the best time of my life at university and the feeling that it’ll be over in a month is absolutely heart-breaking/terrifying!! Whilst I am excited for the next chapter to begin, it’s daunting not knowing which career path to choose and even what city I want to live in. I’ll be working for the Enquiry Unit at the university during Clearing over the summer until I’m out in the big wide world!

Before that, I’ve decided I need a week of relaxation, so I’ve booked a holiday with my girlfriend, Georgia. We’re going to Protaras in Cyprus and I’m soooo excited! I’m definitely a summer baby and love being outside so we’ve planned to go to a waterpark, on a boat trip, as well as lounging by the pool (with a few well-deserved cocktails, I’m sure). I’ve never been to Cyprus before and I’ve heard some great things about it, so I want to make the most out of my week.

My exam results are due out whilst I’m on holiday so it could be a great reason to celebrate (or drown my sorrows – but hopefully not!), and I’m meant to get my dissertation grade this Friday so I’m excited/ nervous for that too!

Even though university is now finished, I still have a lot to do (as usual!) including a course this weekend for level 1 & 2 cheerleading coaching qualification. I’m really looking forward to it because it means I am able to potentially start my own cheerleading squad and enter my team in to competitions, which keeps my options open. I’m hoping I can continue cheerleading at Greenwich next year but it all depends where I decide to live. 

Next week we have our awards for cheerleading and old boys day, which is where old members of sports teams come down to meet the new members and have an after party and BBQ in sparrows. Tonight I’m having a leaving party – the theme is last day of school, so we’re going to dress up in school uniforms and sign each other’s t-shirts!

Lots of love,

Melissa xoxo

 This is where we’re staying in Cyprus!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

So exam period is upon us!

Not much to report other than revision revision revision! My first exam is in 2 days (eeek!) And then one a week until 14th May, I can almost taste the freedom. I’m pretty nervous as there’s quite a lot of pressure to do well because my final degree depends on these grades. I’ve submitted my dissertation and I have no more coursework left to do in my undergraduate studies, which is a little sad.

I’m still on the graduate job hunt and it really is as difficult as people say, I’m still not completely sure in which field I’d like to go in to once I’ve finished which makes it even harder! I’m quite interested in student experience and activities within universities as getting involved myself has made my time at Greenwich complete.

Before I finish there are a few things to look forward to including Sports Awards, which is being held at Charlton Athletic Football Club. We get to dress up and have a nice meal with all the other sports clubs, followed by the awards which include Club of the Year (which Cheerleading has been nominated for), Best New Club and Sportsperson of the Year (which I have been nominated for!), and members who are graduating also get their colours for contribution to their teams. We also have summer ball coming up on the 16th May which looks good (providing it doesn’t rain – fingers crossed!) as it’s going to be held on mission field at Avery Hill. Last year was really good; we had a silent disco, bumper cars, shisha and zorb football to name a few things. Following this the Students’ Union hold their own awards for student staff, volunteers and societies.

Cheerleading also have an end of year awards ceremony and leaving meal before everyone goes home for summer, and an AGM to decide the new committee (which I am SO sad about, having been on committee for the past 2 years!). It’s so strange that it’s all coming to an end!

Anyway, before that I have revision to do!

Lots of love,

Melissa xo

P.S. completely forgot to tell you that Greenwich won BEST SOCIAL UNI on tour :D which makes it a hat trick my 3 years on tour.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Meltdown Imminent!

So third year stresses are fully taking hold. Dissertation deadline is looming (28 days and counting), revision is starting and job hunting is under way. Add this to running a sports team, 2 jobs and a social life to maintain, you could say I’m a little stressed!

Since my last blog post, I was elected NUS Delegate (again!) which means I get to represent the university at the NUS national conference in Liverpool which I’m really pleased about – although it is a week before my first exam (but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it). This does mean that I have to be super organised with my revision; I have two 3 hour exams and one 2 hour exam, which admittedly I am quite nervous about!

Sports tour is also coming up 2 weeks today, which is where all the sports teams go to Lloret de mar in Spain together; play sports and make fools of ourselves in fancy dress! It’s always so much fun and is a really good bonding experience for Team Greenwich (the collective name for our sports teams).

HOWEVER… this puts added pressure on me to finish my dissertation on time if I want to go on tour. The way I see it, if I work hard, I deserve a break (cue me utilising the 24/7 library hours on campus).

My next day off is Wednesday – the cheerleaders are having a showcase of our routines and stunt groups as part of varsity and to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We’re also going to be selling refreshments to raise money to the other sports teams competing on the day. Varsity is where the sports teams from Greenwich and Medway (our Kent campus) play each other to win the Varsity title (I may also be playing my debut match for Women’s football – but we’ll see about that as I’m terrible at football!)

On Thursday, the cheerleading squad are teaming up with Coppafeel (a charity for breastcancer awareness) to raise some more money at an open training session. We’re planning to teach people the basics of cheerleading and then set fun challenges for the groups.

Top Tips:
  • Make time to eat well (bags of sweets at your desk won’t do!)
  • Exercise – keep fit and let of steam. Win-Win!
  • Get some sleep, you’re no use to anyone when you’re tired
  • Make sure you have time for yourself and to relax or see your friends
  • Organise your time!! Post it notes, white boards, lists – whatever you find easiest!

No one said third year would be easy, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end!

Monday, 23 February 2015

UGM present… Welcome to Carnival

UGM present  Welcome to Carnival

So as you know I am Chairlady for the University cheerleading squad (Greenwich Mermaids). Last weekend we competed in a national university championship and had an amazing weekend, coming 3rd in Level 1 and 8th in Level 2 (which is a massive improvement on our scores from last year’s university nationals – I’m incredibly proud). A lot of the team are new this year, so for many of them it was their first competition which can be very nerve-wracking but they smashed it and their performance was awesome!  I also competed with my stunt group and managed to perform the routine the best we’ve ever done, hitting every stunt with some great feedback from the judges.

Competitions can be very expensive; from entrance fees to travel and accommodation if the competition is far away (we’ve been to Loughborough, Bath and Birmingham to name just a few) but are 100% worth it!

To try to help us get to competition, the squad are holding a fundraiser event at Sparrows (the SU bar at Avery Hill) and the theme is…CARNIVAL!! Think tropical colours, feathers and sequins, what is not to love?! We’re having a range of stalls on the night like guess how many sweets in the jar, limbo, photo opportunities and shotgirls.

Hopefully we’ll make enough money to compete again soon because the team definitely have the competition fever now. Last night we had a fun training session to let off some steam after working so hard – I’ll include a photo of me trying out being a flyer rather than a base!

Until next time,

Melissa xo

Pics: Left – Right
Level 1 squad (UGM Navy), Me flying, Stunt group (UGM Elite), Costume Ideas and Carnival

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Crazily busy!

Hi Guys J

So third year is craaazily busy (sorry for no blog posts in a while). There is so much to do and so little time! It’s so important to organise your time at university to make sure you get a good work/life balance. I like to get involved in quite a lot around the university – as you can probably tell.

At the moment, the Students Union (SU) elections are coming up with lots of roles available to run for; President, 3 Vice Presidents (Student Activities, Education and Campaigns & Welfare) – which are full-time paid roles, 11 part-time officers and 6 NUS Delegates – which are unpaid alongside studies.

Last year I was elected as an NUS delegate which was a great experience as I got to attend the NUS national conference in Liverpool with 5 other delegates from the University of Greenwich, along with hundreds of other people from Students Unions around the country. We got to vote on national policies that the NUS take to parliament and challenge MPs on bigger issues like tuition fees and the rising cost of living for students. Although I’ve never been involved with politics I found the experience really educational and exciting (the feeling like you’re making a difference to other students’ experiences is really rewarding). The voting system and election process was a little daunting at first but there were workshops and FAQs on the SU elections page to help with any queries and help on where to begin (

A lot of people don’t really know how influential the SU are (no, it’s not just the student bar!), they get involved with campaigns around the university which affect everyday life – think reducing bus costs, rent prices and wifi included in halls, as well as sports and societies opportunities and wellbeing and advice services to make your student experience even better.

I really would recommend running in the elections – even if you have no idea about politics or aren’t usually involved in the Students Union, you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain ( it looks great on your CV and you get to meet some lovely people).

Nominations close Friday 6th February!!