Thursday, 2 July 2015

July! Summer! Clearing!

Hi everyone,

So since my last blog, A LOT has happened!

I had a lovely holiday in Cyprus with Georgia, and actually managed to see all the sights and do everything we planned to do. I love going on holiday but hate coming back to reality, although the heat wave this week is making it a lot easier for me!

I have received all my grades back and I will be graduating (next week) with a 2:1!! I am a little disappointed as I was aiming for a 1st but after my eventful 3 years I am proud of myself. Somehow I managed to get a 1st on my dissertation (an 11,000 word research project), which I actually really enjoyed writing as the topic was something I’m pretty passionate about.

I’ve moved out of university halls (sob, sob), but I have moved in with 5 of my friends not too far from campus, which means I can continue with my job within the Enquiry Unit throughout the clearing period. I’m going to be living there until October, but I’ve decided to stay in London for the foreseeable future (which means I need to find myself a ‘real’ graduate job). I’m in the process of looking for jobs within sport and development, something my mum keeps reminding me has nothing to do with my degree! This brings me back to how important it’s been for me to be a part of our Students’ Union and to join a sports team…even if sports aren’t for you, Greenwich has a club or society for everyone (and if there isn’t one for you – set one up!! You can do this here, but I really do urge you to GET INVOLVED! You never know where it might lead and the opportunities that are created from them, let alone the amazing friends and memories from the people you meet.

I also competed in my last ever competition as a Greenwich Mermaid at the Copperbox Arena at the Olympic Park in Stratford, which is just on our doorstep. We’ve never entered a Legacy competition before (there are different cheerleading organisations in the UK who hold different competitions throughout the country) but it was absolutely fantastic! We came 3rd which I’m pretty pleased about for my last competition. We also received individual medals as well as a trophy, which I thought was a really nice touch; it’s always nice to have something to take away with you! I also got to fly in the routine, which I was super excited about as I’m usually a base (check out the picture below).

Lots of love,


Me in Cyprus
Sophi & me with our medals at Live Your Legacy
Georgia & me in Cyprus
Me flying at the Copperbox Arena