Wednesday, 29 April 2015

So exam period is upon us!

Not much to report other than revision revision revision! My first exam is in 2 days (eeek!) And then one a week until 14th May, I can almost taste the freedom. I’m pretty nervous as there’s quite a lot of pressure to do well because my final degree depends on these grades. I’ve submitted my dissertation and I have no more coursework left to do in my undergraduate studies, which is a little sad.

I’m still on the graduate job hunt and it really is as difficult as people say, I’m still not completely sure in which field I’d like to go in to once I’ve finished which makes it even harder! I’m quite interested in student experience and activities within universities as getting involved myself has made my time at Greenwich complete.

Before I finish there are a few things to look forward to including Sports Awards, which is being held at Charlton Athletic Football Club. We get to dress up and have a nice meal with all the other sports clubs, followed by the awards which include Club of the Year (which Cheerleading has been nominated for), Best New Club and Sportsperson of the Year (which I have been nominated for!), and members who are graduating also get their colours for contribution to their teams. We also have summer ball coming up on the 16th May which looks good (providing it doesn’t rain – fingers crossed!) as it’s going to be held on mission field at Avery Hill. Last year was really good; we had a silent disco, bumper cars, shisha and zorb football to name a few things. Following this the Students’ Union hold their own awards for student staff, volunteers and societies.

Cheerleading also have an end of year awards ceremony and leaving meal before everyone goes home for summer, and an AGM to decide the new committee (which I am SO sad about, having been on committee for the past 2 years!). It’s so strange that it’s all coming to an end!

Anyway, before that I have revision to do!

Lots of love,

Melissa xo

P.S. completely forgot to tell you that Greenwich won BEST SOCIAL UNI on tour :D which makes it a hat trick my 3 years on tour.

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