Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Meltdown Imminent!

So third year stresses are fully taking hold. Dissertation deadline is looming (28 days and counting), revision is starting and job hunting is under way. Add this to running a sports team, 2 jobs and a social life to maintain, you could say I’m a little stressed!

Since my last blog post, I was elected NUS Delegate (again!) which means I get to represent the university at the NUS national conference in Liverpool which I’m really pleased about – although it is a week before my first exam (but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it). This does mean that I have to be super organised with my revision; I have two 3 hour exams and one 2 hour exam, which admittedly I am quite nervous about!

Sports tour is also coming up 2 weeks today, which is where all the sports teams go to Lloret de mar in Spain together; play sports and make fools of ourselves in fancy dress! It’s always so much fun and is a really good bonding experience for Team Greenwich (the collective name for our sports teams).

HOWEVER… this puts added pressure on me to finish my dissertation on time if I want to go on tour. The way I see it, if I work hard, I deserve a break (cue me utilising the 24/7 library hours on campus).

My next day off is Wednesday – the cheerleaders are having a showcase of our routines and stunt groups as part of varsity and to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We’re also going to be selling refreshments to raise money to the other sports teams competing on the day. Varsity is where the sports teams from Greenwich and Medway (our Kent campus) play each other to win the Varsity title (I may also be playing my debut match for Women’s football – but we’ll see about that as I’m terrible at football!)

On Thursday, the cheerleading squad are teaming up with Coppafeel (a charity for breastcancer awareness) to raise some more money at an open training session. We’re planning to teach people the basics of cheerleading and then set fun challenges for the groups.

Top Tips:
  • Make time to eat well (bags of sweets at your desk won’t do!)
  • Exercise – keep fit and let of steam. Win-Win!
  • Get some sleep, you’re no use to anyone when you’re tired
  • Make sure you have time for yourself and to relax or see your friends
  • Organise your time!! Post it notes, white boards, lists – whatever you find easiest!

No one said third year would be easy, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end!

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